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Miss High-heels

RRP $13.99

Miss High-heels: the story of a rich but girlish young gentleman under the control of his pretty step-sister and her aunt. "This story is a reminiscence, a fond recollection of my colourful days as a youth. I can safely say (with the clarity of hindsight) that my youth was extraordinary. My upbringing was unlike any other young man knew at the time, and to this day, many years later, I have yet to meet a soul whose story can compare with mine in its bizarre nature. My erotic rearing gave me a great sense of alienation, yet also a feeling of being absolutely rare and precious. Of course, later in life I learned that I was not alone in my exclusive sexual proclivities; proclivities that flourished and were fostered from the time I was very young on through my early adulthood. I have since had the pleasure of finding others who share the same delicious tastes that I have enjoyed. I was cared for by my strange and beautiful stepsister, Helen, with the delicate attentions that one gives a fragile, unique flower. It was my lovely stepsister who helped me to find the "true" self that was hiding inside my male skin."

A Monk In High Heels

RRP $18.99

A Monk in High Heels is a journey through the walls of monasteries and into the heart of God. Mixed with humor, deep spirituality, and a passionate pursuit of God, you'll leave this book knowing not only is God enough, but so are you.

Wheels Go Around

RRP $15.95

Presents wheel-related sight words to beginning readers, including high-impact photos, close photo-to-text match, a picture glossary, and a comprehension question. F&P Text Level Gradient: Level B.

High Speed Serdes Devices And Applications

RRP $546.99

The material provides the reader with an understanding of the features and functions typically found on HSS devices. It explains how these HSS devices are used in protocol applications and the analysis which must be performed to use such HSS devices. The book is an assimilation of various topics with a focus on what chip designers need to understand in order to design chips using HSS cores.

The reader is first introduced to the basic concepts and the resulting features and functions typical of HSS devices. HSS devices are used in the context of a protocol application. The reader is then introduced to the basic concepts used by protocols, and overviews are provided for several protocol standards in which HSS devices are commonly used. Additional chapters describe the features, functions, and considerations associated with designing and analyzing a reference clock distribution network, as well as testing HSS hardware, analyzing signal integrity, and analyzing power consumption. Finally, any HSS core is not complete without a set of design kit models to facilitate integration within the chip design, and special topics uniquely related to design kits for HSS cores are discussed in the final chapter.

Complicity In Heels

RRP $16.49

Family comes first. Money laundering comes second...

Nikki Frank just walked out of prison and into a limousine. The money launderer and former informant for the Feds wants nothing more than to reconnect with her disabled brother. Instead, Spence Taylor pitches her a monumental scheme that could set them up for life. When Nikki learns her brother's medical expenses have sucked their trust fund dry, she takes the gig and goes back under cover.

As the money brokering gig grows more and more complex, she learns the scheme could bring down the entire world economy. Can she assess the real risk, alert the Feds, and save her brother's future all without blowing her cover?

Complicity In Heels is a money laundering thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. If you like fast-paced plots, realistic crimes, and sexy suspense, then you'll love Matt Leatherwood's debut novel.

Buy Complicity In Heels to follow the money today!


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