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Puss In Boots

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This charming series retells classic fairy tales with bright illustrations and a clever tone. The stories in the Little Pebbles series have been adapted for children today while respecting the richness and flavor of the original versions. The small size of the books and their warm, inviting illustrations will appeal to children. In addition, children will love the game page at the end of each book, and they will want to read all the books in the series.

An enterprising cat -- with only a bag, a pair of boots, and some audacity -- arranges for his owner, a poor farmer, to marry a princess and live happily ever after.

Bootstrap Methods

RRP $380.99

A practical and accessible introduction to the bootstrap method&#8212;&#8212;newly revised and updated <p> Over the past decade, the application of bootstrap methods to new areas of study has expanded, resulting in theoretical and applied advances across various fields. Bootstrap Methods, Second Edition is a highly approachable guide to the multidisciplinary, real-world uses of bootstrapping and is ideal for readers who have a professional interest in its methods, but are without an advanced background in mathematics. <p> Updated to reflect current techniques and the most up-to-date work on the topic, the Second Edition features: <ul> <li> <p> The addition of a second, extended bibliography devoted solely to publications from 1999&#8211;2007, which is a valuable collection of references on the latest research in the field <li> <p> A discussion of the new areas of applicability for bootstrap methods, including use in the pharmaceutical industry for estimating individual and population bioequivalence in clinical trials <li> <p> A revised chapter on when and why bootstrap fails and remedies for overcoming these drawbacks <li> <p> Added coverage on regression, censored data applications, P-value adjustment, ratio estimators, and missing data <li> <p> New examples and illustrations as well as extensive historical notes at the end of each chapter </ul> <p> With a strong focus on application, detailed explanations of methodology, and complete coverage of modern developments in the field, Bootstrap Methods, Second Edition is an indispensable reference for applied statisticians, engineers, scientists, clinicians, and other practitioners who regularly use statistical methods in research. It is also suitable as a supplementary text for courses in statistics and resampling methods at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels.

Mr. Boots Sifting Time

RRP $12.99

Mr. Boots Sifting Time is a motivational personal development tool and self-help book that gives great advice about life. It will inspire you to raise your consciousness and look at life in all the right ways, and feel good about your life. The book is a great read for anyone who wants to expand their mind and start moving their life in a new direction. It's short contemporary poetry that captures all the little bits and bites that make life messy and beautiful at the same time. Every short poem and anecdote teaches something about how to succeed in life and to do or be anything you want.

This book will open your mind to another way of thinking. It's a heartwarming stream of content that teaches how to live now and live well. It's an honest look at the author's thoughts about the worth of a man and the weight of our actions. The book is straight-talk about the games we play and the fun we're missing by not being ourselves; how simple encounters with strangers can make us better people, and touch us in ways that heal our hurts and change us forever; and how fears hold us back and love can move us forward. Every poem gives you quick notes on what matters most and provides relief to our struggles. The book is packed with inspiration and the goods are the real deal.

Just like you, the author seeks answers to simple questions we all have about life as we try to get through the day! The bible says, "Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you." This book will help you to choose what you need from your stream of thoughts and keep those thoughts going with mindfulness, so you can achieve what you set out to do, and never give up hope. It will empower you to make the best life while you still can, because there is no permanence. The author is a huge believer in the power of positive thinking. When the sun comes up it's another day, and there is beauty and magic all around us. The mystery of creation is divine. This book teaches you to look at life from different angles, and shape your life so that it gives you purpose and meaning, and achieve the happiness you desire. It will help you see that the stream of thoughts to and from your subconscious creates the texture of your life, and attracts the people and things you have in your life. When we control our thoughts, we can achieve everything we set out to do in life.


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